We all expect that someone should be there to celebrate us, and when they don’t we get disappointed and have SELF DOUBT ABOUT OUR VICTORY. At times it’s very crucial to forget about who will be there to celebrate it with me, but to learn how to celebrate it on your own.

It might sound crazy but remember IT’S NOT THEIR JOURNEY IT’S YOURS, so whatever little thing you are able to celebrate do it and you’ll feel much more happy when you first celebrate it before anyone else.

You will raise eyebrows but CARELESS ABOUT IT, because they haven’t found out what are you really celebrating, those who care will ask and join you in your celebration after you have told them what are you celebrating.

Have you ever seen how a baby gets so excited that he or she took her very first step, I CAN’T EVEN MENTION THE PARENT WITNESSING it. They will hug,kiss, and swing the little one around, just to CELEBRATE THAT ONE SIMPLE STEP, or even just to stand on thier own, you too should be like that; celebrate even if it’s the simplest thing because they count more than anything else.

If you don’t celebrate YOU who WILL? No one will.
It’s all about the vibrations or energy you emit through the universe, that VIBE and ENERGY will attract the same people who have the same energy and enthusiasm as you. SIMPLY PUT IT’S AN INSIDE JOB, so don’t be afraid do it like it’s your first and last victory.

I’ve never TOOK THE TIME TO CELEBRATE ANYTHING that I have accomplished in my life just because I didn’t want people to think that I’m now THINKING HIGHLY OF MY SELF, I’ve always said to myself I should be humble and let those who sow it celebrate it on my behalf, even on my birthday too. Funny enough they celebrated it, but they didn’t REACH THE LEVEL OF MY EXPECTATIONS, or how I envision my victory celebration. Now I understand it’s not for them to celebrate but upon myself to celebrate it like there is no tomorrow.

Don’t restrict yourself from celebrating your life, you only have one life so do whatever it take to keep or make you happy

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