For The New Year’s Resolutions

I see a world full of real people trying so hard to be fake so that they can be accepted by shiney plastic people. They chase useless objects instead of improving to reach their objectives. Yes! We’re in the maze and only those who follow their guts finishes first.

Just because you don’t do well as the next person that doesn’t mean you are immobile, long as you do something that leads you to the next step you are moving forward. Look at how time moves, it has seconds, minutes, and hours they don’t move at the same pace but at some pointing time, they all point the same number.

Create your own life, before life creates life out of you, make use of things that can fulfill the gap that you see within your life and discard what is considered waste. Clean up whenever it’s necessary and never be ashamed of a clean place, because cleanliness is next to Godliness. The more you cut out useless things in your life, the clearer your see where you are going, and the going gets easy; while your atmosphere gets clearer.

Our frustrations can take out a meaning out of a meaningful thing, and you end up cutting out things that can make you a fortune. And when it’s all said and done, you always come back from your own senses and rectify your mistakes, take the lesson learned and pin it on your forehead and never repeat it again.

Mistakes are there to guide you not to make you stop pursuing your goals, or dreams. From a mistake take the lesson and run with it, don’t dwell on it but never forget how you got there in the first place. Surely some mistakes are God’s given, and out of them something amazing and out of this planet comes from mistakes, however that amazing thing didn’t just happened from one error and such is life.

People with multimillionaire businesses they always preache that out of 10 great business ideas that you come up with, only one can unlock great opportunities and make a fortune for you. Take that and apply it in your life, do 10 more things that you feel that they can be a breakthrough for you. Remember! Do one thing at a time. While you at it, Take calculated risks and face your fears; see how far that will take you in life, start small and as you grow out of your comfort zone you’ll start going big and chances of you winning are high compare to someone who’s waiting for a miracle to happen.

It doesn’t matter how you started your new year, what matters is how are you going to finish. Remember take one step at a time, that’s how great things are create.

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