Love Is The Universal Language

Searching for love is quite an interesting thing to do, you really don’t know what you’ll get even though you have high expectations because you also going all heartedly with the sense of believe that you’ll get back what you give out.

Love is like trying to find the most attractive coin within a million other coins, the only difference is that you looking for the finest characteristics that will set it apart from the rest of other coins.

Some even drive a million miles just to try to find love, in far away places because they’ve been let down by those whom they meet each an everyday. In my home(IsiZulu) language it is said, “Induku Enhle Igawulwa Emazweni”

We all constantly be looking for love because we fear to be all alone, we are creatures that depends solely on love. Love is the universal language, it makes the world turn around it gives us purpose and a sense of living life each an everyday.

So each day it is advisable to give love even to the people whom they consider themselves your enemies.

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