Sharing Is The Access Key

Sharing can create a new RELATIONSHIP with a STRANGER or someone you know, but you haven’t talked to, the moment you utter the word “… LET’S SHARE…” That, by it’s own creates some sort of trust mentally into that person and produces a mutual understanding between the two of you.

TRUST is easily built, especially when you offer a person something that they need at that particular moment and not expecting something back in return that will attract that person to you and they’ll always have the best MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE with you, and they’ll never forget you because sharing consist of trust.

We sometimes forget that we CAN’T LIVE ALL ALONE IN THIS WORLD, no matter how hard we try because at the end we’ll need some sort of help from other human beings. For that person to help you he or she is SHARING SOMETHING with you of which you couldn’t do it on your own and just before you even know or realise it now you both friends just because of a simple thing.

The saying “SHARING IS CARING” goes a long way, that is what create everything that we have in the UNIVERSE and if we didn’t have that bone for sharing human kind will be extinct by now because no one will be playing the role of caring and loving. The word SHARING include love, trust and caring, because you can’t share if you don’t have those within your heart.

People believe that you can only share when you have enough, and that’s not ALWAYS the case. You have to start with the little you have so that when you have enough or a lot it will just came to you automatically or naturally without any hesitant. PRACTICE makes improvement not PERFECTION.

PHILANTHROPISTS are not only billionaire and celebretes, we all have it in us, we don’t want to embrace it, because we fear that our neighbours and friends will think we rich but playing poor just to accommodate them. Riçhers can be an accumulation of giving back to the needy not only our friends or neighbours but strangers you meet across the street too.

“Sharing is the new access key to everything that one desire, It could be information, directions, food, smoke or a ride immediately.”


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