Friends and Friends

We all have that one or two people we truely consider to be our friends, and they are the ones that bring out the best out of us.

But the big QUESTION is do they consider you as thier friend too? It’s a question that most have to delve in deep and check thier friend statues.

Questioning of a friendship can be a nerve racking, but if you don’t know the truth you’ll always hang around people who’re preying on you.

While busy questioning your friendship, you should always ask yourself what type of a friend are you because it’s always two sides for every story.

Are we Friends or just Friends?

The are two types of friends

  1. The one who’s always with you through thick and thin, dark or blue. That is a brother or a sister that God didn’t deliver through your parents. One you always fight with verbally or physically and you always find a solution to mend broken walls. Who’s a bad and good influence, but knows what’s best at heart for you.
  2. The one who only comes when it’s luncheon but never helps to clean up the dirt. The one who smile at you face but plans to kill you. The one who envy every little success you have. The one who sees bad in every thing you do. Or the one who never never ever appreciate the little things you do for them. They always take take and take but never give back. When it’s dark they’re no where to be found.


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