Self Portrait

Self portrait
We are not expects but we are creators with a dumb mindset, our perspective only relay on what other people say about us. Referring to the Bible, we have dominion over earthly things, but we still fail to use that power and allow our friends and families use that over us. As an artist I use critics as my newsfeed not as my destination or my reality because even on Facebook you get notifications that you didn’t sign up for. How you view yourself ‘s the only most important and crucial thing, and having a positive mindset is like having a sharp blade sword piecing and cutting through all the hurtful noise around you. Close your eyes and ears if you have to block all the nonsense around you, even if they choke you to death to accept what you don’t believe in rather die true to yourself then being infiltrate with impurities.
Be like a porter, take all the mud they throw at you and mould it and make it an attractive vessel. Only take in what’s of value and what can fertilize you emotional, spiritually, mentally and physically.

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