We all expect that someone should be there to celebrate us, and when they don't we get disappointed and have SELF DOUBT ABOUT OUR VICTORY. At times it's very crucial to forget about who will be there to celebrate it with me, but to learn how to celebrate it on your own. It might sound … Continue reading The world is SELF-CELEBRATION

For The New Year’s Resolutions

I see a world full of real people trying so hard to be fake so that they can be accepted by shiney plastic people. They chase useless objects instead of improving to reach their objectives. Yes! We're in the maze and only those who follow their guts finishes first. Just because you don't do well … Continue reading For The New Year’s Resolutions

Sharing Is The Access Key

Sharing can create a new RELATIONSHIP with a STRANGER or someone you know, but you haven't talked to, the moment you utter the word "... LET'S SHARE..." That, by it's own creates some sort of trust mentally into that person and produces a mutual understanding between the two of you. TRUST is easily built, especially … Continue reading Sharing Is The Access Key